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Barack Obama’s Polluted Mind

by Eric Englund

Good wine is a necessity of life for me. ~ Thomas Jefferson

How far do politicians believe they can push the global-warming scam? We know, after his inauguration, Barack Obama intends to officially classify carbon dioxide as a "dangerous pollutant." After such a declaration, his actions will reveal whether he truly views carbon dioxide as a threat to humanity or whether he is simply using a shameless scare tactic to further consolidate Federal power and to move the U.S. further along the road to socialism. If carbon dioxide is incredibly dangerous as Al Gore and Barack Obama claim it to be, then all options, for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, must be considered.

Once President Obama declares carbon dioxide to be a dangerous pollutant, every single American brewery, winery, and distillery will be, by definition, a "dangerous polluter." Thus, if manmade carbon dioxide output must be drastically reduced to save the planet and humanity itself, then President Obama must strongly consider reinstating alcohol prohibition in these United States. Al Gore, to date, hasn’t had the guts to push the global-warming scam to the point of suggesting global alcohol prohibition and I highly doubt President Obama has the guts to do so in the U.S. Both of these political hacks, after all, are socialists and certainly are not in love with Mother Earth and humanity, but with power and celebrity.

Anyone with a fifth-grade education understands that the fermentation process is integral to producing alcoholic beverages. In the fermentation process, yeast interacts with sugars to create ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. Uh oh, there is that evil "pollutant" carbon dioxide. Who would have ever guessed the wonderful wines, beers, and distilled spirits we enjoy so much are born from pollution? Come to think of it, the beers and champagnes populating store shelves everywhere still contain carbon dioxide. By Barack Obama’s definition, I would be drinking a dangerous pollutant every time I enjoy one of my favorite ales. Should I consult a doctor before drinking pollution? Even if prohibition prevents me from drinking polluted adult beverages, in the future, what about soda pops and naturally-carbonated sparkling waters? Should these polluted beverages be banned as well? Perhaps President Obama will provide us with some guidelines about ingesting pollution.

If President Obama (and Al Gore for that matter) sincerely believes carbon dioxide poses such a dire threat to Mother Earth and humanity, then the carbon dioxide emissions from breweries, wineries, and distilleries would be viewed as a serious problem. In the United States alone, annual wine production is about 2.44 billion liters while annual beer production is approximately 23 billion liters. Throw in distilled spirits and it is inescapable to conclude that a whole lot of manmade carbon dioxide is being generated by wineries, breweries and distilleries. Once President Obama pronounces carbon dioxide to be a dangerous pollutant, what will he do about the "pollution" emanating from breweries, wineries, and distilleries?

The first thing President Obama should do is to lead by example and ban all alcoholic beverages from the White House (Al Gore should do the same in his household). Secondly, he and Al Gore should create a national awareness as to the polluting nature of the adult-beverage industry with the objective of building a consensus to bring back prohibition in order to save our planet and the human race. These two shrill politicians have asserted that the stakes are quite literally this supremely high, hence foregoing alcoholic beverages is a sacrifice all Americans should be prepared to make. For goodness’ sake, our planet is at stake!

Let’s take Barack Obama’s absurd assertion, that carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant, one step further. By using Obama’s "logic," life itself is built upon pollution. It makes me wonder, once again, if our new President is smarter than a fifth grader. For if one is familiar with photosynthesis – and most fifth graders are – it is a process of converting light energy to chemical energy and storing it in the bonds of sugar. Plants only need light energy, carbon dioxide and water to make the aforementioned sugar. Photosynthesis, which cannot take place without carbon dioxide, occurs in plants (and a few bacteria) and is responsible for feeding nearly all life on Earth. But let’s not stop there. Another vital function photosynthesis performs pertains to generating the very oxygen which oxygen-breathing animals require for survival. So let’s get this straight Mr. Obama, you believe the life-giving process of photosynthesis is built upon pollution? If this is your firm conviction, then you have left me wondering if enough oxygen is making it to your brain. Yet what I do know now is that the gospel, according to Barack Obama, avows that life itself is dependent upon pollution. How utterly surreal.

Barack Obama, Al Gore, and politicians around the world are using global warming, and the outrageous lie that carbon dioxide is a pollutant, to increase state power and, thereby, reduce human liberty. It is an incredibly powerful scam which is frightening people into willingly giving up their freedoms in exchange for "saving" the planet. Therefore, step by step, country by country, the global-warming scare is helping politicians pave the road to socialism.

So why don’t we hear American, British, French, German and other politicians calling for the shuttering of breweries, distilleries, and wineries (or at least taxing their products into oblivion)? It is the same reason you will never hear an American politician call for a $100/hour minimum wage or for sending every adult American a $1,000,000 stimulus check. Taking a scam too far leads to intense examination and exposes the scammers for the frauds they are. Hence, gunning after wine, beer, and spirits makers would undoubtedly create such a backlash, against the global-warming charlatans, that the scam wouldn’t hold up under such mass scrutiny. After all, if you are compelling people to give up alcohol – to help save the planet – then the science had better be extremely sound. Questionable science, built upon faulty computer models, simply won’t cut it.

As Barack Obama, using parts of FDR’s playbook, attempts to lead us further down the road to socialism, be assured global warming will be used as a weapon to mentally terrorize Americans into further exchanging liberty for "safety." It is a near-certainty, nonetheless, that breweries, distilleries, and wineries will not be deemed "dangerous polluters" in spite of the fact carbon dioxide is a byproduct of fermentation. To be sure, this will expose the hypocrisy of politicians, such as Obama. And, it will also reveal the grandiose concept, of saving the Earth from global warming, is nothing more than a ruse designed to help governments grab more power.

In George Reisman’s phenomenal book Capitalism, he describes why socialists such as Al Gore, Barrack Obama, and for that matter Arnold Schwarzenegger (who has turned out to be a greenie) will leave adult-beverage makers alone – in spite of their prodigious carbon dioxide emissions:

It follows that the rulers of a socialist state must live in terror of the people. By the logic of their actions and their teachings, the boiling seething resentment of the people should well up and swallow them in an orgy of bloody vengeance. The rulers sense this, even if they do not admit it openly; and thus their major concern is always to keep the lid on the citizenry.

Indeed, Barrack Obama’s mind may be polluted with contradictions and megalomania, but he and his ilk are savvy enough to have learned the lessons from America’s failed experiment with alcohol prohibition (combined with the fact that anthropogenic global warming is supported by flimsy science). Accordingly, it is much easier to keep the lid on a citizenry permitted to legally self-medicate with alcohol – especially during the present economic depression – than to draw the ire of citizens forced to seek adult beverages on the black market.

So raise your glass of wine and say "cheers" to Barack Obama: our new Hypocrite-in-Chief.

January 12, 2009


The Hyperinflation Survival Guide, Published by Eric Englund.